10 DIY Mosquito Treatment for Yard

Having a large yard outside the house just like everybody else’s dreamt, but if you already got one, did you ever thought about the insects who lives there too — especially mosquito?

Mosquito isn’t nocturnal animals which go out after the sun goes down, but it also attack during the daytime. Can you imagine, when you and your children playing outside the house, when you invite your friends over to a barbeque party, or pool party in a summer evening in your yard and they got bitten by a mosquito? mosquito and tick treatment for yard

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, buy they can also prove to be dangerous because it spreading various viruses. I guess that you know that mosquito also carry some diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, zika virus, malaria, etc. mosquito treatment for yard atlanta

This time, I will give you 10 simple ways to treatment the mosquito for your yard so you don’t have to worry about being bitten of this pesky insect anymore!

1. Grow Repellent Plants To Your Yard

Noone likes mosquito, but everyone likes spending time in the yard when summer comes. How can we solve the problem? Luckily, there are plants that you can add to your garden to repel mosquitoes. Here they are:mosquito treatment for yard atlanta

  • Grow citronella in your garden or yard. This plants will spread a fresh scent around your home. Mosquitoes hate the smell of this plants, so it keeps them away from you
  • Geranium also known as mosquito plant. It leaves and flowers emit a smell that makes mosquitos away. Geranium has beautiful purple flowers, so you can add in your porch to make your house looks more lovely.
  • Another flowers that also repel the mosquito are lavender, rosemary, and marigold. We’re all know that lavender is quite popular ingredient for mosquito repellent sprays and actually rosemary and marigold too. You can add these flowers in your garden or in a pot inside your house and keeps the mosquito away from you!

mosquito treatment for the yard

2. Use Mosquito Zappers and Trappers

There are some opinions using mosquito zapper, is it really helpful or not to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard. But it quite popular to use because the sound it makes when the insects hit the electrified grid satisfying enough.
mosquito treatment for yard atlanta
Using mosquito trapping or electric insects killer won’t reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard, but at least it repel the mosquitoes or other insects such as a fly near you (radius 2-3 meter).

3. Use Outdoor Net

Use tents or mosquito netting if you want to held a garden party or having a meal outside the house, consider to move under the mosquito netting. This is will keep them off of biting your skin. You can place the mosquito netting in your yard and if you bought a waterproof one will also keep you out the rain and the bugs too. mosquito treatment for yard dallas

4. Use Garden Sprayer

You can use garden sprayer such as phyrethrin and pyrethroid sprays to treat mosquito for your yard. Phyrethrin is a natural insecticide which made from dries chrysanthemums flower and pyrethroid is a synthetic version of phyrethrin. mosquito treatment for yard atlanta

Spray underside of shrubberies in your yard, the lower limbs of shade trees or spray around the yard to make a barrier. You can bought garden sprayer at home department stores. It will prevent you from mosquitoes for a few weeks. mosquito treatment for your yard

If you want the sprays last longer or you have a huge yard area, you can hire a professional to treat mosquitoes better.

5. Replace Outdoor Light Bulbs to Yellow LED Lamps

Change your outdoor light bulbs to yellow LED lamps because mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to incandescent lighting and that will keep the mosquitoes away from you. mosquito treatment for yard atlanta

You can bought LED, ‘bug lights’ or sodium lamps at the home department store and ready to distract mosquitoes from you to this lights. You can place this lamp to your entrances or in your porch to prevent the mosquitoes out of your home.mosquito and tick treatment for yard

6. Use Fan in Your Yard

When summer comes, the weather will getting hot and fan will help us to make it chilly. If you plant to spending time outside the house, place a fan (or a few) to blow the mosquitoes off away from you. Mosquitoes are very lightweight insect, so they can fly through the wind from a fan.mosquito treatment for yard atlanta

7. Build a Bat House

Build a bat house and attach it in an open area of your yard, about fifteen feet from the ground. When a bat (or bats) come to their new home, they will seek for meal like insects or mosquitoes on your property.mosquito yard treatment safe for pets

Here’s a fact, maybe you’ve heard about the bat can eat up to 1.000 mosquitoes within one hour and that’s true! Having bats on your yard will reduce the number of mosquitoes.

8. Use Citronella Candles

As i told before, citronella emit the scent that mosquitoes don’t like. Burn citronella candle and put it in the table so it looks like a romantic evening outside the house and also repel from mosquitoes.natural mosquito treatment for yard

9. Mosquito Fogger

This fogging machine use chemical for bugs repellent which is not good for your health and animals too. But this is the fastest way to treat the mosquito for yard, this machine kills all insects and bugs instantly. Normally used during the barbeque parties, tea parties, pool parties, or other event which is held outdoors. mosquito treatment for yard lowes

10. Use Essential Oil

Get an aromatherapy oil burner and use a candle to heat some water and a few drops of essential oil. As the candle heats up the essential oil, it spreads scent into the air around you. Essential oils which is use for mosquito repellent are lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, or citronella. mosquito treatment for yard cost

Too much mosquitoes in your yard can ruin a lot of fun and kill the moods to spend time outside the house, parties, and other summer activites. After read these artikel, now you don’t have to let them ruin anymore. Just follow this tips mosquito treatment from yard and it also protect you, your loved ones and your friend from itchy or other terrify diseases caused by a single bit from mosquito. best mosquito treatment for yard

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